Hills Associates

22 Jul 2020

Planning an off-site for our teams is a summer ritual for many.  It’s a chance to kick back at a scenic spot, reflect on the past year, thank everyone for their hard work, learn together, and plan for the year ahead.  In our new remote work world, should we still plan a summer retreat or […]

24 Jun 2019

1. Plan. Plan. Plan. Tee your retreat up for success by thinking through the logistics well in advance. Create a small retreat planning committee and assign roles for pre, during and post-retreat follow-up. Be mindful of personalities, generations, and work styles. 2. Set clear goals. What is your team hoping to accomplish? What topics are […]

21 Jun 2019

Summer is finally here. This means longer days, better weather and….any day your boss will ask you if you’ve planned the summer retreat! For many, retreats conjure images of ropes courses, poolside drinks with coworkers or long days spent in windowless conference rooms. The pressure to deliver a day that is both productive and fun […]

23 Jan 2019

Research studies consistently report that optimal team size is 4.6 and that teams with 4 to 6 members are typically more effective at accomplishing tasks. Team members feel their voices are heard, their opinions are valued, they feel personally accountable, more central and believe they can make a significant contribution to accomplishing shared goals and […]