18 Jun 2019

Why The Wing?

Why The Wing?

June 2019

This week’s highly anticipated opening of the Boston location of The Wing, a high-end social club and co-working community for women, was met with an outpouring of great enthusiasm. In the elevator, making our way to the fifteenth floor of its Back Bay location, fellow new members greeted each other happily and shared our excitement to be part of this enterprise.

And, The Wing did not disappoint! High energy, inspiring staff welcomed us into The Wing’s warm embrace. Our guides eagerly showed us the beautifully curated space, replete with an on-point café (menu developed by Boston women chefs), an impressive library comprised of women authors, and walls decorated with works by local women artists. The panoramic views of Boston, the flexible seating for everything from laptops, to meetings, to conference calls, to napping, the stunning roof deck and the bathrooms appointed with the finest selection of women’s products, reflect an incredible thoughtfulness and attention to detail. Even the climate controlled spaces, set to the optimal temperature for most women, has been considered.

Admittedly, when I learned The Wing would be coming to Boston, I was among the first to complete the application. Anxiously awaiting news of my acceptance, I worried that I would not be deemed “Wing worthy.” Did I, in fact, have the right profile for The Wing?

But, what’s even more surprising than my concern over an acceptance, was my desire to join this elite women’s club. The question that loomed for me personally was, Why The Wing? As someone who has never been attracted to exclusive clubs, nor been a member of a sorority, or even ever joined an upscale health club or fitness center, why was The Wing so alluring to me?

The answer to Why The Wing? is quite straightforward. First, The Wing is new and fresh. It represents the current way for people to connect, form friendships, build professional networks and, broaden their thinking. At this point in my career, this is fundamental to my desire to stay relevant both personally and professionally. I love the idea of a place that provides the backdrop for comfortable, informal sharing of ideas, encourages multi-generational interaction and promotes on-going learning and personal growth.

Second, as the mother of three daughters as well as a son and son-in-law (all located in NY and DC), I am struck by how comfortable they are in their own skin. They are insightful, articulate and have definitely found their voices. They are amazing windows into current trends in the workplace, pop culture and, of course, the political landscape. It’s inspiring to be with them and, similarly, I believe the women who will join The Wing will be engaged in diverse kinds of work, will be active members of the community at large and will be open-minded and intellectually curious.


Finally, I joined The Wing because I truly want to contribute to the texture of The Wing community. I have always enjoyed supporting women at all stages of their careers, helping them to balance the many challenges, both personal and professional, they will need to navigate and to be a good-natured source of comfort, optimism and fun!

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