01 Nov 2019

Holiday Staff Retreat Season is Here!

Apple picking, harvest fairs and everything pumpkin spice. Autumn is in full gear and that means the winter holiday season will soon be upon us. Stretching from Thanksgiving through January, it’s an important time to acknowledge your team’s hard work and have some fun.

Working with my colleagues, Nanette Fridman and Faun Zarge, we’ve found the best team events create opportunities for people to learn, engage and celebrate together. Why not have your team cook a meal, design a team logo or solve a mystery together? These shared experiences lay the foundation for high-performing teams and provide everyone with fun and memorable experiences.

Here’s why it’s not too early to get started:
• You have time to get creative! The best team events are fun, interactive and help build the kind of relationships that translate into great work back at the office.
• There’s enough time to involve your team in the planning—always a good move that will help create a great event.
• It will build anticipation for the event, and your team will feel appreciated even before the fun begins!
• Premium dates and popular venues book early so don’t procrastinate.

Let us do the heavy lifting and design a high-energy, high-impact holiday or new year team retreat either on-site or at one of the many venues we recommend.

Why not get started now? Please contact us: lisa@hillsassociates.com; fridmanstrategies@gmail.com; faun@zarge.com

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